Music and Arts

We are proud of our extensive Arts offering. Many extend well beyond their weekly specialist Music and Drama lessons each week, with more than two thirds of our students participating in private instrument tuition lessons. We engage with lovers of music education who provide single, paired or group tuition lessons with 14 instruments currently on offer. Children who play an instrument are encouraged to join our school Band, Orchestra and our Drums Ensemble.

Any child in Years 3 and 4 can join the Junior Choir and our Years 5 and 6 children can be a part of the Senior Festival Choir - among other performance opportunities, performing in the annual Catholic Schools Music Festival at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

We acknowledge the well-evidenced cognitive benefits of learning music and passionately provide our children with varied opportunities to benefit from this. 

Biennially we rehearse and perform a school-wide musical extravaganza. On alternate years our children learn and perform well-loved Carols Concert with families gathering for a social picnic and pop-up Bar thanks to our wonderful parents and friends.