Building projects

Exciting plans for 2020

We are excitedly watching the progress and look forward to the completion of our new nature playground build by September 2020. This extensive development across the Eastern boundary of the school will bring with it a bounty of opportunities for students to play, hide, explore, climb, imagine, balance, assess risks and create memories. Stay tuned for pictures, or better yet - make a time to tour and see the new playground for yourself!

Stage 1 Building Project

In addition to our nature playground build, during the second half of 2020 we are commencing Stage 1 of our building project. This significant build will see our administration building, meeting and instrumental rooms, some classrooms, library and exterior courtyard area undergo a transformation. Below are some of images of the build- this upgrade will impact our students and school community for decades to come. 

Building Stage 1.jpg

Front Office.jpg

Administration building