Our story began in 1870 in an architecturally designed stone building which served as both a church and school. Just four years earlier, Mary MacKillop and Father Julian Tenison Woods at Penola had established a religious order, The Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and it was the sisters from this order who pioneered the school.

The school had been in operation for only a year when it was suddenly closed because of the excommunication of Mary MacKillop. In March 1872, the excommunication was lifted and the school was reopened.

Sadly, nothing remains of this former building or the convent, as both were demolished when a new school, church and convent were opened and blessed by Archbishop Spence at Cambridge Terrace in 1914. The current Our Lady of Dolours Church was opened in 1928 and this site remains the location of our school and church today.

The Josephite sisters began the school and still have a significant influence today.

Our school is a hub of contemporary primary education for children from Reception to Year 6- with a weekly Playgroup catering for pre-school children. 

Over the decades the school has expanded and major renovations have taken place. Classrooms have been added to the north and above the original hall and in the early 1990s facilities for Junior Primary classrooms, a Resource Centre and canteen were constructed. In 2011, with the completion of our BER project, additional classrooms and a Multipurpose Centre have been built.

Today our school boasts the attendance of third and fourth generation families. It is with pride and gratitude that we acknowledge the great contribution made by many generous people in adding to the life and strength of our community.