To secure a place for your child at St Joseph's School Kingswood, early enrolment is highly recommended but not essential. Please call the school for more information, we would be happy to hear from you. 

No, you don't need to be Catholic to enrol.  We are a Catholic school, but we value and include all denominations and backgrounds. For Catholic families who wish for their children to participate in the sacraments program, we are pleased to guide and celebrate this.

We welcome enrolments at any time. An application for Enrolment form can be obtained from the School Office or from this website and needs to be completed and returned with application fee of $50. An interview will be arranged with the school Principal and pending this, a place will be offered. We ask for a non-refundable deposit of $300 to secure your place. Once enrolment is confirmed your journey with us begins!

St Joseph’s Kingswood warmly invites prospective parents to attend School Tours / Open Days throughout the year.

To book your place or make a convenience time to tour, simply fill out our form or phone us directly on (08) 8273 3300.

  • School commences 8.50am (Yard supervision commences at 8.30am and children can be dropped off from this time)
  • Recess runs from 10.55am to 11.25am
  • Lunch eating time is 12.45pm to 12.55pm
  • Lunch time is 12.55pm to 1.30pm
  • School concludes at 3.10pm (Yard supervision concludes at 3.30pm and children must be collected by this time or attend OSHC)

Our school fees are made up of three major components - Tuition Fees are made up on one all inclusive fee, with the exception of Camps and other ad hoc charges. We partner with families and offer a variety of ways to pay, to allow for individual family circumstances. Click here to more information regarding fees. 

From Reception to Year 1, the maximum is 25 children in each classroom.  In Years 2-6, the maximum is 29. Each class is resourced additionally to reflect the size and needs of the class.

St Joseph’s Kingswood has a ‘no tolerance’ approach to Bullying and Harassment and has an active Bullying and Harassment Policy in place, which keeps our school a safe learning environment. The school’s Building Personal Responsibility Policy is a supportive resource.

There are many programs in place throughout the classrooms such as Program Achieve which are further complemented with yard programs such as Peer mediation, and we promote Restorative Practices is supporting the development of personal responsibility.

At St Joseph’s School Kingswood we provide a diverse range of learning programs for students to achieve individual success and develop to their full potential.

Some of the Educational Support Programs we provide include:

  • MultiLit and MacLit
  • Extension programs
  • Catch-up Numeacy
  • Enrichment
  • In class ESO support
  • Tenison Outdoor Education Program

Individual Learning Plans (IEPs) and Special Enrolment Procedures for children with identified needs are also provided.

2023 term dates*

    First day   Last day
  Term 1   30 January   14 April
  Term 2   1 May   7 July
  Term 3   24 July   29 September
  Term 4   16 October   12 December

*Pupil free days TBA

2024 term dates**

    First day   Last day
  Term 1   29 January   12 April
  Term 2   29 April   5 July
  Term 3   22 July   27 September
  Term 4   14 October   11 December

**Pupil free days TBA

2025 term dates***

    First day   Last day
  Term 1   28 January   11 April
  Term 2   28 April   4 July
  Term 3   21 July   26 September
  Term 4   13 October   12 December

***Pupil free days TBA