Affordable School Fees

School Fees 2024

Our commitment to our school families is to offer a high quality Catholic education that is accessible and affordable

Recognising the impact of the cost of living on our school community, we are proud to advise our 2024 school fees will not rise from the current 2023 fees. We are also continuing for 2024 fee-free mid-year intake, for children eligible to start school mid-year in 2024, families will not pay for Terms 3 and 4 2024.

The school fees for 2024 have been approved by the school Board in consultation with the finance committee. The payment of fees is a responsibility and commitment by parents/guardians and ensures the school maintains quality education and resources for the benefit of all students. 


Full fee $3800
Lower income fee $2250

What is included:

The Full Fee above covers all tuition, levies, excursions and other charges; including choir, band and school sanctioned sports for each child.

Year 5/6 IT device hire charge, Year 3 "Big Day Out" plus Year 4, 5 & 6 Camps are excluded and you will be charged separately.

Uniform, hire of extra curricular sports uniforms, private music tuition and OSHC fees are not included in the above fees.

Lower income fee:

To be eligible for the lower income fee, you need to qualify as a low income family. This is determined by your family's gross income and is a $ value set by the State Government. 

In 2023, your family's gross income needed to be below approximately $70,994 for a family with one school-aged child. (The limit will vary depending on how many dependent children you have.)

Proof of income is required and applicants will need to apply via the State Government's School Card scheme (click here for more info).

Our Finance Manager can help you if you have any questions about access to lower fees. Email:

Need help with School Fees?

If you are concerned about your ability to pay school fees, we strongly encourage you to have a discussion with us. We believe a family's financial circumstances should not be a barrier to a student accessing a Catholic education. All discussions will be strictly confidential.


School fees will be invoiced annually (at the beginning of the year) with statements being issued at least once per term. Payment plans are to be established and organised to ensure you meet your financial obligations of the school. 


Discounts are available for families with more than one student attending our school.

Number of children Total
1 child  $3800
2 children $6840
3 children $9120
4 children $9120


Lower Income Fee 2024

Number of children Total
1 child $2250
2 children $4050
3 children $5400
4 children $5400


The school offers various payment methods and frequencies to allow parents/guardians to pay their fees by the methods most convenient to their budget. 

Payment Methods

Payments can be made in full or by an approved payment plan. 

Families paying in full by the end of February will receive a 5% discount.

We ask all other families to set-up weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit payments.

Payment options include:

  • Direct debit - deductions from your bank account (form available here)
  • BPay - reference numbers are printed on invoices and statements
  • Credit Card - Visa or Mastercard (form available here)
  • Centrepay - a deduction from Centrelink payments (link available here)
  • Cash or Cheque