Affordable School Fees

We are a non-government Catholic school providing high quality educational programs.

While some government funding is provided, the school still relies on the payment of school fees to cover unfunded educational and operational costs. Each year the School Board (consisting of staff and peer-nominated parent representatives) carefully review the fee structure and strive to keep any fee increase to a minimum, whilst maintaining high educational standards.

Unlike many other schools, the St Joseph’s Kingswood school fees are all inclusive* – meaning families do not receive additional invoices throughout the year, when your child participates in the broad range of activities we offer. Also increasingly uncommon, we do not have a predetermined percentage of fee increase each year – our School Board (consisting of peer-nominated parents/guardians as well as staff) meet in the latter part of each year to consider and set the fees for the following year. Great consideration is given to how we best partner with our families and recognition is given to the costs of living, balancing with what is needed to provide students a contemporary and engaging education, with appropriate facilities to do so.

*Uniform, private music tuition and OSHC fees are not included.

Our all inclusive school fees are made up of five main components

They are:

  • Tuition Fee - Tuition fees, in combination with government grants, cover the day-to-day costs of teaching salaries and the operation of the school (including electricity, maintenance, cleaning, administration etc.).
  • Resource/IT Fee - This fee covers everything from your child’s stationery and book list, specialist subjects (Italian, STEM, PE, Music and Arts), as well as the unique programs we provide throughout the year, e.g. Footsteps dance program, Aquatics, Outdoor Education etc. The IT component of this fee includes ICT within classrooms (e.g. interactive whiteboards/iPads etc.), apps, IT support, software licences, consumables and training. Lastly, included in this are compulsory levies charged by Catholic Education SA, covering copyright licensing, insurance etc.
  • Excursion Fee - Various incursions and excursions are organised throughout the year to support many aspects of the curriculum including music, arts, science and culture.
  • Capital Levy - This contribution allows for any necessary capital works such as renovations to the buildings and grounds as well as loan capital repayments.
  • Extra Curricular Levy - Included in this fee is participation in choirs and band, school camps (including transport, entry costs etc.) plus school sanctioned sport costs (carnivals, after school and weekend sports, uniform hire and sports equipment). Any additional costs are rare and kept to a minimum.

Payment information

School Fees are billed at the beginning of each year and there are a number of payment options available. Parents/guardians are asked to nominate their preferred payment plan which may be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or by 3 instalments. There is a discount of 5% off your tuition fees if payment is made in full by the end of February each year.

All fees are due by 16th November 2020 unless otherwise negotiated.

Families who require support to meet their school fee commitment are asked to contact the school Bursar or Principal. All discussions will be strictly confidential. Low income families may be eligible for the school card. Forms are available from the Front Office. If eligible you will receive a 40% reduction to your tuition fees and a remission of the capital levy.

Private instrumental teachers manage their own accounts. OSHC Fees will be billed separately.

Please note: It is the policy and practice of Catholic Education SA and St Joseph's School, Kingswood that no child be denied a Catholic education because of difficulty paying fees. Please come and see us to discuss ways that we can support you in providing a Catholic education for your child.

For any further information regarding fees please contact us on 8271 6553 or email