Educational Support

Every child develops at a different rate and this needs to be considered when planning and evaluating learning programs. At St Joseph’s School Kingswood, each child is given the opportunity to develop to their full potential and additional learning programs are provided so that every child can experience on-going success at their own pace.

MultiLit (MiniLit & MaqLit)

MultiLit stands for Making Up Lost Time In LIT(eracy), and is researched intervention program for students who haven't quite grasped all the aspects of reading. We offer (in school) support to students in intensive small group sessions run by a trained tutor. MiniLit is offered to students in REC-Year 2 while MaqLit is for students in Year 3+. 


Extension activities are provided that will encourage and assist students who are capable of extended work. Students are provided with many enriching, diverse and challenging opportunities to further enhance their learning.