JOEYS Preschool Transition Program

Transition to school life is a huge step for our little ones. For this reason we have created a JOEYS Transition Program so that students can become used to coming to school. In these sessions run by our Reception teacher children have fun learning about what happens at school in a relaxed nurturing environment.


When children and families participate in this program they will:

  • develop their sense of belonging to the St Joseph’s Kingswood community
  • have the opportunity to establish a positive connection to the physical space
  • familiarise with the process of separating from family
  • access a rich, play-based learning program 
  • begin to develop social connections with new friends and educators
  • become familiar with the routines of school life i.e. morning meetings, snack time etc.



Children’s critical and creative thinking is supported through a meaningful play and child-centred program. 

An active approach to acknowledging children’s contributions and theories informs our planning for both intentional and spontaneous learning experiences.



Family members and educators have the opportunity to discuss, share and celebrate the children’s learning experiences at each session time.

Children's learning is captured and shared with parents/caregivers via Seesaw app, which then continues throughout their school life at St Joseph's Kingswood.



Children are invited to attend one session each Wednesday morning 9.30am – 11.30am in the two terms prior to commencing Reception at St Joseph's Kingswood.  (Families are also able to continue as a Playgroup member.)

Sessions are $15 a week, invoiced at the end of term based on attendance.